Wealth Management Services

Our team provides much more than traditional brokerage services, delivering an industry-leading level of service and focusing on long-term relationships, unbiased guidance, and holding both parties accountable for pursuing optimal results.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to wealth advisory services, which includes an ongoing review of 14 important issues: 
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1.  Investments     8.  Titling of Assets
2.  Retirement Plans     9.  Executor/Trustee
3.  Concentrated Stock/Options   10.  Estate Distribution Planning
4.  Business Succession   11.  Charitable Inclinations at Death
5.  Gifting to Children   12.  Liabilities
6.  Charitable Giving   13.  Review of Tax Return
7.  Power of Attorney   14.  Insurance



We believe in a disciplined investment approach that helps you 1) assess and identify your objectives, 2) design an appropriate asset allocation, 3) select high-quality investments, and 4) review your portfolio through quarterly meetings. 

This four-step approach provides an ongoing cycle of evaluation and assessment to help keep you well-informed about our recommendations relative to your goals.


The Process:

The Investment Management Process | Patton Wealth Advisory Team | Stifel | Planning | Set Objectives | Develop an Asset Allocation | Investment Selection and Evaluation | On-going Review Process

Retirement Plans

We believe it is critical for your family to gain an in-depth understanding of your overall retirement objectives. 

Our team works together to create a personal roadmap for you and your family to follow to help you pursue your financial goals.  Once your plan is developed, it is reviewed during quarterly meetings to ensure your plans are on track or if any changes are needed. 


Concentrated Stock/Options

If you have acquired stock options or if you hold concentrated positions in a given stock, we can assist you with various strategies to optimize the options or to reduce the concentrated position.


Business Succession Plan

If you manage your own business, we can help develop a plan to sell the business at retirement or continue the business under another family member, etc.  It is important to consider buy/sell arrangements and insurance to ensure the value of the business is maintained for the family.


Gifting to Children/Descendants

Creating assets to benefit your children is an important consideration that should to be included in any overall wealth management plan. 


Charitable Giving

Tax planning or estate planning may include charitable giving to enhance the community while maximizing tax advantages, which could include Charitable Remainder Trusts or direct charitable giving. If giving is part of your financial goals; it should be included in the plan. 


Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

As part of the estate planning process, we can help you appoint a trusted relative or friend as a DPOA in case of incapacity.


Titling of Assets

Families usually plan for the future by executing wills and establishing trusts.  Unfortunately, too often the investment is made to hire the attorney to draft the documents, but the family never follows through by getting the assets actually transferred into the trusts once they have been established, which defeats the purpose of the trust.  In addition, clients often need to ensure assets are titled properly in individual names to provide creditor protection. 

We work with you and your family to establish your wills and trusts by collaborating with your attorney to ensure everyone understands the objectives and necessary actions to re-title your assets as needed. 



The selection of an executor or a trustee is critically important to the success of an estate plan. 

We can help you understand the qualifications required to hold such fiduciary positions and can assist with securing the appropriate professionals for these positions if needed.


Estate Distribution Planning

As part of the estate planning process, it is important to consider the appropriate distribution plan for passing assets to descendants or providing for a surviving spouse.  Especially in the case of large estates, it can be a detriment to distribute significant amounts to young family members. 

We can help you think through estate planning strategies to save taxes and provide for the family without impacting your legacy's independence and self-motivation.


Charitable Inclinations at Death

In any financial plan, it is important to understand the intentions of the family members.  If charitable giving is to be part of your estate plan, our team can help reduce your tax liability and in turn, create great value for the community. 



We will also review any liabilities to ensure sure pricing is appropriate and terms are in line with your family's objectives.  Our team can assist with your review of refinancing options as well as coordinate any liabilities with your overall plan.


Income Tax Review

Doug will work with Stifel's tax planning professionals to conduct a comprehensive review of your income tax situation and help you identify strategies that may impact your retirement or potentially reduce your tax liability. 

In order to best serve you, our tax planning professionals may ask that you provide certain information, including two prior years of federal and state income tax returns.



Finally, our team reviews the overall financial plan to determine if there is a need for life insurance. If you already have life insurance, we strive to ensure the amount and cost are appropriate for your family's needs. 

By monitoring these 14 issues, we help families keep their “financial house” in order.  We strive to be your family's financial coach, working together with your attorneys, CPAs, and insurance consultants to provide comprehensive guidance for your family's financial health.



Investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal invested.

Diversification (or asset allocation) does not ensure a profit or protect against loss. 

Stifel does not provide tax advice.  You should consult with your tax advisor regarding your particular situation.

Option trading involves a number of inherent risks and is not suitable for everyone. Investors considering options should consult with a tax advisor. Supporting documentation will be supplied upon request. Be sure to read the Option Clearing Corp.'s Option Disclosure Document (ODD) carefully before investing. It can be accessed at http://www.theocc.com/about/publications/character-risks.jsp. A copy can also be obtained by writing to Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, One Financial Plaza, 501 North Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, or calling (314) 342-2000. Member SIPC & NYSE.**